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Hambela | Ethiopia
Hambela | Ethiopia
Hambela | Ethiopia

Hambela | Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Jasmine | Melon | Juicy

The Deri Kidame washing station is named after the Deri Kidame kebele, or town, which it is located in the Wamena district of Ethiopia’s Guji zone. The area has fertile red-brown soil and Cordia Africana and Acacia Ensete ventricosum trees for shade, benefiting the coffee plants grown by the many smallholder farmers who contribute cherries to the washing station. Coffee farms in the area range 2000–2100 meters above sea level in elevation. The washing station is outfitted with ten fermentation tanks and 181 raised drying beds assigned individual codes, allowing for improved traceability and a higher level of control and tracking throughout the drying process.

This lot of coffee underwent Natural processing at the Deri Kidame washing station. Coffee cherries are sorted to remove less dense fruit before processing. The cherries are then moved to raised beds, which are dried for approximately 18 days.


Region: Guji
Producers: Various Shareholders
Variety: Heirloom
ALT: 2050m
Process: Natural
Importer: Ally Coffee