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Selva Negra | Nicaragua
Selva Negra | Nicaragua
Selva Negra | Nicaragua

Selva Negra | Nicaragua

Tasting Notes: Red Apple | Citrus | Smooth
A beautiful and clean washed Nicaraguan coffee boasting of red apple, citrus acidity, that goes down smooth! On top of being an amazing coffee we are proud to add to our lineup for obvious flavor reasons, this farm has so many good attributes happening that make us very proud to partner with them. One of our owners stayed at the farm and could not resist buying the coffee! 

Selva Negra Estate is farmed by the Kuhl family in the mountainous region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The farm has been in the family since 1883 and for generations they have aspired to create consistent and beautiful coffees while being environmentally friendly and socially conscious. Coffee by-product is used for composting, farmers use a water processing method that decreases water usage, and farmers continue the development of organic weed and pest control in their own labs. This place is beautiful and is DIALED! Selva Negra Estate was purchased by Eddy Kühl and Mausi Hayn in 1975 and they built the hotel, and a complex of cabins. The estate boasts a full service ecolodge, organic farm, and bird friendly coffee estate that you could book a vacation to visit! Until you book your stay, you can experience this wonderful coffee from the comfort of your own home!


Producer: The Kühl family
Region: Matagalpa
Altitude: 1220 MASL
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed
Importer: Direct Trade