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New Bags New Blends

Introducing the new look of due south coffee roasters!

The Changes

- New Bag Design: A fresh new look with a vibrant green color that pops! We partnered this with the kraft look that is a nod towards DSCR's origins.

- New Labels: We have six new labels with six new colors. The label also comes with additional pictographs that will help you to know exactly what you are getting.

- Four New Blends: With the launch of our new bag design, we have also launched four new blends!

the bag

Front & Back: Green with kraft logo

Sides: Kraft with green and white design over the top

Bottom: Green with roast date indication

The Label

The text on the label will be as follows:

- Farm Name/Blend Name

- Tasting Notes

- Country of Origin

- Pictographs

- Wholebean/ Ground


The new label colors are not too different from the original labels. The main difference is an updated color family. It is also a good reminder that the colors of our labels mean different things.

• Purple = Blends

• Yellow = Latin America

• Green = Africa

• Orange = Asia

•  Pink = Special / Limited Runs

•  Blue = Decaffeinated


We have added the following pictographs to help you easily navigate through the different types of coffees we offer. We want you to feel confident in your decision!

• COFFEE SPECTRUM PICTOGRAPH: This pictograph communicates the spectrum of what coffee naturally offers in regards to flavor experience. At Due South Coffee Roasters, we always source coffees throughout the entire spectrum.  With this strategy, we can create an enjoyable coffee experience for all!

• ROAST LEVEL PICTOGRAPH: This one is simple. Coffee can be roasted lighter or darker.  This additional pictograph will let you know what level roast you are purchasing.

The Blends


Start your day with Redstart! This blend of coffees are sure to make you hop from your day to day tasks, just like the very bird it's named after. Redstart is a blend of South American and Latin American coffees that offer a caramel sweetness with an apple crispness.


Longspur is what we recommend for your espresso. Comprised mainly of coffee from Brazil, it acts as a creamy sweet stage for our more complex coffees to perform on. If the flavors of this coffee were colors - they would belong on this bird. This coffee blend will give you a chocolatey creamy experience with an orange middle that finishes long. 


Waxwings would be great coffee farmers; they target the ripest fruit from trees and harvest them. The Waxwing coffee blend highlights those same lush and juicy flavors. This blend is one of Due South Coffee Roaster's best selling and most loved blends - offering a perfectly balanced combination of the rich chocolate and berry sweetness found in our Brazilian & Ethiopian coffees.


Meet Due South Coffee Roaster's first official dark roast blend - Nightjar. This approachable blend is roasted to be as dark as the Nightjars favorite time of day. Nightjar offers something big & yummy for those seeking a bold coffee drinking experience.


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