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Swimm and the feel better blend

A collaboration blend between LA based band SWIMM and Due South Coffee Roasters

"Oh, just you wait and see"

Feel Better Blend

Our friends Swimm have just made a song that can only be described as that first sip of coffee in the morning. If you time that first sip with when the chorus hits, you just might get a little something extra out of this Feel Better Blend we did in collaboration with them

Available until end of Nov. 15

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Feel Better

"Feel Better” was inspired by one woman’s harrowing journey of pursuing her passions in an unfamiliar place. Los Angeles can be a nefarious landscape for an ingenue with a dream so finding the resolve to stay true to oneself is something worth celebrating.

Of course the only thing weirder than LA is the year 2020, which has re-contextualized everything. The song has become a makeshift mantra... it’s important to recognize when, even if only for a moment, we feel better."


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The friendship between SWIMM and DSCR was formed over a shared love of music!

Now we’ve come together to give you a new blend as well as a fresh batch of music for the Due Monthly playlist. We picked 15 songs that pair well with drinking the Feel Better Blend. So whether it’s welcoming a new day or basking in the company of friends, pairing tasty soundbites with a fresh pot of this limited edition blend will only make things better.

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